It’s Been Forever

Oh my goodness, it had been forever since I’ve posted here. I have excuses, I swear. Lots of them. I am busy all the time with work, school, and the kids. Annnnddddd…. I am pregnant again. Still VERY early, but I wanted to get it out and have someone around me know, even if it is internet strangers…

We were not trying, but being pretty lazy about preventing, and I am actually really excited. And so incredibly nervous. I knew in my heart that I wanted a third child, and I can’t help but be excited. I am trying to keep the excitement in check because of the threat of miscarriage, but I also want to enjoy this a little, because I seriously doubt that I will have this experience again.

There’s so much to think about. Mainly, I am worried about finances, and logistics. We are not poor, but we are just making it, and this had me pretty freaked out. M is terrified, and probably not that excited. We will have to figure out childcare, and probably get a new car because I can’t fit three car seats in my car. 😦

IDK how to feel other than excited and nervous. I really hope this one sticks and we will have our third living child in October. Cross all your fingers and toes for me!