The Blog Fail

I know it’s been awhile… I don’t really have an excuse, other than I seriously do have a million excuses.

We bought a house and moved. The old house was so great, and we loved it, but the lease to own agreement was changed in April and the new amount the owner wanted was significantly more than what we could afford, so we had no choice but to find someplace else. The good news is that the new house is pretty great. Its a bit smaller, and we are having a little trouble adjusting to that, but the kitchen is HUGE and amazing, the living room/dining room is great too. It really fits our needs and it’s in a good location. Overall, we made a really good financial decision, so that’s a plus. We’ve been in the new house almost two weeks and yesterday I went to the old house for the last time. I cried a lot driving away because we have had so many memories there. I mean, it really is where M and my life really started together, and that is pretty sad.

I am also now in my third term of my masters degree. I am taking three classes this term, which is considered full time, and I am still working full time too. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I am motivated and this will be the only term that is this packed, so if I can make it through, it will be smooth sailing after that. I have two more terms after this and then I will be done, which times pretty well for my current position being terminated.

Arlie and Tate are doing so great. They are just such interesting little people. Tater is trying to start talking, mostly with grunts and yelling and other weird noises. I’m anticipating that one day soon he will just explode with words and I won’t be able to get him to shut up. Arlie is talking sooo much. She will start preschool in two weeks and I am a mixture of terrified and excited for her. I know she is going to do great, but I am a huge worrier, so who knows how this will go.

I’m going to try to do more updates, when I find time. I hate promising this because it is likely that with everything else going on, I might not be able to do much here. Maybe once this term is over…