Tate is 1 Year Old!

I can’t believe it, my little nugget baby is 1. His birthday was yesterday and we had a great day of celebrating him.

I was a little sad yesterday and on Saturday night because I am still sad about him growing up so quickly. He is such a cuddly, giggly little person and I worry that as he gets older, he will lose that and be cranky more. I know I am worrying about nothing, but I can’t help it. I love this time right now, with him still loving me so much and being so happy with me. Ah, babies….

He has now been walking for a little over a month and he’s getting pretty good. It’s super fun to see him speed up to try to get to me or M when we come home. His little grin and giggles are so stinking cute! He still crawls occasionally but it is usually because he’s trying to get to somewhere he isn’t supposed to be as quickly as possible. He is also ridiculously strong. Seriously, I am slightly amazed at his strength. He is constantly lifting things, pushing things, etc. In swim class, there is a part where he is supposed to put his hands above his head to “dive” into the pool and he pulls his arms down as hard as possible so I can’t hold them up. He is a stubborn little bug.

He eats EVERYTHING. Seriously though, the kid is a bottomless pit. I am terrified for how this will increase as he gets bigger. He eats about 7 or 8 times a day, so three solid meals plus 4 or 5 snack times. And he lets me know loudly when he is hungry. The best part is that he seems to have a real preference for sharp cheeses and weird meat delicacies. Just like his mom. 🙂

He is still nursing and that makes me really happy. We struggled so much in the beginning and I am just so please that we’ve made it this far. We are going to keep going for as long as it is still working for both of us.

No real words yet, but a lot of jabbering and yelling. He does love the sound of his own voice. He seems to try to communicate with Arlie as much as possible and they have some sort of strange understanding of each other so that is interesting. I think that hes pretty close to actually saying a few words but he does everything in his own time.

I can’t believe that last year at this time, I was still in the hospital with a newborn. It just doesn’t seem like that long ago. He is my little bug and I love him so much. He brings so much joy into our household and I love almost every second I have with him. I hope that we can add to our family, but if we don’t I am happy keeping this little nugget as my baby.


One thought on “Tate is 1 Year Old!

  1. Happy birthday, Tate! He sounds amazing, and who knows? Maybe it only gets better from here! Theo has gotten so funny, and creative, and imaginative–I really love seeing him grow up. But I understand, because…I mean, babies! 🙂

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