Arlie 22 Months, Tate 5 Months

Another month gone.  Time seems to be flying now.  I can’t even believe I am about to have a two year old in my house.  How did this happen?  She’s such a kid now and not a baby at all.  It is sad and awesome at the same time.

Arlie is 22 months.  She seems to have had another growth spurt and grew at least another inch.  She is ridiculously tall.  I only wish that she would pack on the pounds too.  She is getting into a point where she has started refusing to eat a lot of foods and I feel weird about only giving her mac and cheese and waffles.  I’m to the point now where I am really going to have to start finding ways to hide vegetables in the foods she will eat or she will literally never eat them.  I have discovered that if I give her dinner while I am finishing cooking dinner for M and I, she tends to eat more and is adventurous about trying whatever we are eating if she already has a full belly.

I think that we are slowly entering the so-called terrible twos.  She is not particularly naughty, but she does get upset easily and she has  I honestly can’t keep up with her anymore.  She is constantly running and jumping and climbing.  She is fast and determined and kind of crazy.  But also really awesome.

She has new words every day and is now fully obsessed with Frozen.  She asks to watch it every day and is completely in love with Elsa and Anna.  I am trying to introduce her to other Disney movies now that I know she can sit through them.  I am excited to see which ones turn into her favorites.  It’s crazy how much more she can communicate with us.  It seems like every week she has a bunch of new words and is using them frequently.  She is also slowly learning her numbers and colors.  The whole concept of teaching someone these things is so bizarre, but she seems to enjoy learning new things and I like watching her mind grow.

Little Tater is growing like crazy and is soooo strong.  I remember being amazed by Arlie’s tenacity when she wanted to do something, but this little guy has her beat by a lot.  He is DETERMINED to get where he wants to go.  He is up on his knees all the time and I think we are probably going to have a crawler on our hands in the next couple of weeks.  He can roll front to back and back to front and he is in love with grabbing his feet.  He also does this really adorable thing where he grabs the sides of my face and giggles at me.  It is so cute.  Kills me.

We are thinking about starting solids a little early with him.  Not before December though, so he would be at 5 months and 3 weeks, so just a week early.  He is so interested in our food, something Arlie was never really that in to) and he eats like a champ now, so I am thinking he is ready.  He can almost sit up unassisted (he wobbles right now and tends to fall to one side but he is almost there) so once he has that mastered, we will introduce solids.  I am looking forward to this because he is aggressive on the boob and having a tiny break sounds wonderful.

Both of them are just doing so great.  We are really lucky.  I am excited for the holidays coming up and I can’t wait to see the excitement of Christmas and all the decorations.  I’m still wavering on the fence of wanting another baby, but it is decreasing little by little as Tate gets older and less cranky.  I just don’t know if I can let go of that dream, but I also don’t know if I can picture Tate as anything other than my baby.  We shall see I guess.