Arlie 21 months, Tate 4 months

Ok, seems like life is back on track for the most part now.  I keep waiting to start feeling normal again and I think we may be headed in that direction.

Arlie is 21 months now.  She is so huge, it kills me.  I can’t even believe how grown up she looks sometimes.  She is crazy and wild and so incredibly active.  It’s bizarre how different she is even from just a few months ago.

Arlie is getting kind of picky with her eating.  She doesn’t like the go-to things we used to be able to give her so I am trying a bunch of different things now to see what will work.  She will still try just about anything I put in front of her, but now we are facing a lot of mini tantrums and dumping of the food.  I’ve started just feeding her dinner again like she is a tiny baby so I can guarantee that something gets into her stomach.  She just doesn’t eat very much.  I feel like I am always almost panicking in the afternoon because I realize she has only had cheese and applesauce all day.  Just another thing to worry about I guess.

She is so tall and so fast now.  She is in the 90th percentile for height and 85th for weight so she doesn’t really look like an almost 2 year old.  She’s wearing 2T and 3T clothes and she is become more picky about what she wants to wear too.  She has some pretty clear favorites that I am constantly washing.  She also has become very particular about the shoes she wears.  And socks too.  She is very certain about what she needs to be wearing when we leave the house.

She is talking so much.  It is insane.  She repeats most of the words we are saying and she knows what most of them mean too.  She has a few new words every day and I often wonder where she is learning them from.  She is also using her words to describe something that she has done in her day.  An example of this is that the other day M took her to a carousel while I was working and the next day she kept talking about the horsey she saw.  When these little moments happen, I am blown away.  She’s a real little person!


Helping daddy move the cart at the pumpkin patch.  


Meeting her cow friend at the research farm.

Tate is 4 months now.  He had surgery about two weeks ago and it has been very different since then.  He is happier and gaining weight finally.  It is amazing!

He is just the sweetest little guy.  He smiles even when he is upset and he is just so cute.  I love how he smiles when he sees me after I have been gone for a little while.  It is the greatest feeling.  He had his surgery two Fridays ago and he has gained over a pound since then, which is kind of amazing considering he had plateaued the month prior to the surgery.  He is eating so well now, much less latch problems and he can actually drink off a bottle, which is a dang miracle!

He is almost sitting up on his own.  He almost had it mastered and then decided that he would much rather stand up, so if we try to get him into a sitting position, he jams his legs out straight until you help him stand.  He is a determined little man.  Now that his tongue is more mobile, he has been sticking it out and he has started blowing raspberries, which is freaking adorable.  He loves blowing bubbles too and will spend a lot of his time doing that.

He is rolling over and officially loves tummy time.  Especially if I stick a rolled up towel or blanket under his chest so he can sit up even higher.  He has found his voice and will squawk just to make noise and to get our attention.  He loves Arlie so much and that is amazing to watch.  Basically, everything seems to be getting slightly easier and I am so incredibly grateful for this.