28 Weeks

28 weeks has always been one of those big goals for me.  This is mostly because the survival rate goes up to about 95% at 28 weeks.  This is very reassuring to me.  My next big one is 32 weeks, and then after that it will be 36 weeks.  I know the next two months will go quickly as April is a busy month for me and the beginning of May marks my last big event before Tate is born.  I wonder sometimes if it is normal that I worry this much.  I’m thinking it is probably not all that normal and I am not sure why my worry has been exponentially increased over the last couple of weeks.  I am thinking it must be that I am getting closer and my first two pregnancies were not good examples of what pregnancy is supposed to be like.  With this pregnancy, everything is normal and I really don’t know how to deal with that or trust it.  It is bizarre.

On a more upbeat note, I did my last wedding this weekend until after Tate is born (I am crazy and booked a wedding on August 1st, so about 5 weeks after he is born…).  This was such a sweet wedding with a great couple.  I tend to really enjoy most of the couples I coordinate for, but some I connect with more than others.  This couple was very young and so nice to each other.  They were incredibly low key and relaxed.  The venue was beautiful and the decor was simple and so pretty.  Overall it was a really nice experience.  I’m not gonna lie, I was in a fair amount of pain when I got home.  Mostly it felt like my crotch was on fire and I had a little trouble walking yesterday, but I am back to normal today.  Good weekend though…

How far along? 28 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: Jesus, 30 lbs.  My face is round and my thighs are enormous.  My actual bump is normal sized.  Oh, and the boobs, good lord.  They are giant!  They probably account for at least 7 of the gained lbs.
Maternity clothes? Yes.  I think I have enough stuff to get me through the end, but I really don’t fit into any of my older stuff now.
Stretch marks? Nope.  I have two small new ones on my calves, but otherwise, nothing.
Sleep: I am sleeping ok.  I have to pee about 30 times every night and that is annoying but I am at least falling back asleep pretty easily.
Best moment this week: Finishing my last wedding.  And reaching 28 weeks!
Miss Anything? Not really.  I definitely am craving a beer, but it isn’t something that I am dying for.  I will definitely enjoy a beer or something like that after Tate is born.
Movement: He has been moving pretty well the last couple of days.  He had two days in a row last week that he was slow and I suspect that he was going through a growth spurt.
Food cravings: I am not really craving anything in particular.  I’m enjoying Gatorade and I still like my cereal.  We will see what happens this week with my diabetes test.  That could be a big game changer for me in the cravings area.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I am starting to get queasy for no reason again.  There doesn’t seem to be any sort of trigger behind any of the queasiness at this point.  Maybe because I am giant and my stomach is all squished.
Have you started to show yet? Yes.
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: Still getting occasional braxton hicks.  They are not painful at all, but they are uncomfortable.
Symptoms: Stuffy nose, some swelling, braxton hicks, movement.
Belly Button in or out? Halfsie.  Innie/Outie for now.
Wedding rings on or off? On.  It is definitely getting tight.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy for the most part.  I can feel my tolerance dropping quickly as I get more and more tired.  I spoke with my boss last week to see if I can start working from home half days starting at 37 weeks.  I remember how I felt last time and I was in a fair amount of pain, plus I wanted to kill people so ideally I would like to avoid this.  She was agreeable, so starting at 37 weeks, I will be working mornings from work and afternoons from home.
Looking forward to: Easter is this Sunday.  I am not religious at all, but I love new holidays for Arlie.  I am super excited to get some eggs for her and get them “hidden” in the living room on Saturday night.  She is going to be so excited.  I am also looking forward to getting this stupid GD test out of the way.  I am fearful that I will fail.  Think good thoughts for me…


Arlie 1 Year Schedule

I did a post about a year ago on what Arlie and my schedule was like.  I thought I would do an update on what our schedule looks like now.

This is our most typical day.  She does have a different schedule every day, but for the most part this is pretty much what happens on a daily basis.

6:00 am: I wake up
6:05 to 6:20 am: Get ready to leave.  This now includes making sure that Arlie’s bag is packed and that she has breakfast and lunch for the day packed, plus snacks.  I always get a sippy cup of milk ready for her as well.
6:20-6:30 am: I get dressed and ready to go.
6:30 am: Wake up Arlie, get her diaper changed and get her dressed.
6:40 am: Get on the road.  It takes about 20 minutes to get to my mom’s house and about 30 minutes to get to the babysitters house.
7:00 am: Arrive at my mom’s or the babysitters house.
7:00 am to 7:20 am: I usually feed Arlie some of her breakfast and have some time with her.  If she is going to the babysitter’s house, I just drop her off and get back on the road.
7:20 to 7:30 am: Drive to work (it takes about 7 minutes from my mom’s house and about 35 minutes from the babysitters house)
7:30  to 11:30 am: I work while Arlie is at my mom’s or at the babysitters house.  She typically takes on short nap in the mornings around 9:00 am.  This is usually a 30 minute to 45 minute nap.
11:30 am: Lunch time!  I either drive to my mom’s to feed Arlie lunch, or I drive to babysitters to pick up Arlie and bring her home.  Two days a week I work from home in the afternoons.
12:30 pm:  I start working from home or I head back to work, depending on the day
2:00 pm: Arlie goes down for afternoon nap.  This typically lasts about 2 hours.  If she is home with me, she will sleep for the full two hours, if she is at my mom’s she usually sleeps for a little more than an hour.
4:30 pm: I either stop working and log off, or I clock out and drive to pick up Arlie.  Depending on the day, M will pick her up too.
4:45 to 5:15 pm: I make dinner while Arlie plays with toys or M.  Most days now, M will take Arlie out for a walk or down to the park while I make dinner.
5:30 pm: Dinner time- This one is tough for M and I because we used to eat dinner at 8 pm and this is a huge change to our schedule, but it seems to be working.
6:00 to 7:00 pm: Arlie and M play in the living room while I clean the kitchen, do laundry, clean diapers, etc.  Sometimes M takes over the cleaning and I play but most days it is on me.
7:00 pm: Bath/Shower time.  M has been doing showers lately because I can’t hold Arlie up that long.  While she is in the shower, I get her pajamas ready and get a sippy cup of milk for her.  I make sure the bed is straightened and her little spot is all set up for her.  Usually I get Arlie and get her all dryed off and changed while M showers.  After I get Arlie into pajamas, we brush her teeth and then brush her hair.
7:30 to 8:15 pm:  Arlie drinks her bottle and gets sleepy.  M and I usually watch one of our programs while she is falling asleep.  Once she is asleep, I move her to the middle of the bed and I get into the shower.
8:45 pm:  Arlie is asleep and I am usually asleep too.  M goes downstairs for a few hours to watch TV and read.

This seems kind of hectic when I write it down, but it really works for us.  I think we will have to make a few tweaks when Tate gets here, but it should be do-able.

On weekends, we usually get up around 7 and our days consist of going grocery shopping or doing random projects.  M and I switch off on mornings on the weekend that we get to sleep in.  I usually try to take Sunday morning and on Saturday morning Arlie and I get up pretty early (7ish) and we go to our favorite donut place.  We usually eat breakfast together and play or read or watch a disney movie until M gets up.  This is another thing that may change when Tate gets here, but I think I will try to keep it as close to the same as possible so Arlie and I can have our special time together on Saturday mornings.

Bringing Home Tate- Part 1- Sleeping Arrangements

I am going to attempt to write a small series of posts that deal with what our overall plan is regarding bringing home Tate.  Part 1- Sleeping Arrangements

Arlie still sleeps in our bed.  I love it, M loves it, Arlie loves it.  We have a king size bed and it is plenty big enough for all of us.  Plus, the routine we have going every night is really nice and it gives all of us an extra hour or two of bonding time.  We started bedsharing when Arlie was about 6 days old.  She was previously sleeping in a small bed contraption that sat between M and my pillows and she full on HATED it.  She would cry the minute I put her in it and then she would grunt and fuss all night.  The second I took her out of that and swaddled her and held her all night, she was a much better sleeper.  And that meant that I was also a much better sleeper.

With Tate, we have a bit of a dilemma.  Because Arlie is still sleeping with us, we need to figure out how to accommodate both of them.  Cue the awesome idea of sidecaring a crib to our bed.  This basically means that we are going to take our existing crib that Arlie has literally NEVER slept in and removing the front side of it.  Then we will add another mattress to have the height even with our bed.  M is going to strap the crib to our bed using zip ties and a ratchet system.  If needed, we will add a t shaped foam piece that will meld the two beds together.

This is where it gets tricky…  I don’t know which child is going to sleep there.  We plan on setting this up relatively soon here and seeing if Arlie is happy in the crib.  I am torn as to whether or not I want her in the crib.  Part of me is really leaning towards having Tate in the crib because it is safer and it will put him away from Arlie and M and it will cut down on my fear of him getting rolled over onto.  I also think that this arrangement will probably cut down on the number of times Arlie gets woken up from Tate because I will be like a small sound barrier between she and him.  But the other part of me is leaning towards Arlie because this could be the perfect way for M and I to get a small break from a child sleeping all over us for a couple of months.  Plus, it is one step closer to getting her into her own bed.  Its a strange conundrum because in my perfect world, Arlie would sleep with us until she requests to no longer do so, and then we move her to her own bed.  But that is obviously not the case here.  I’m fairly certain after writing all of this that I am going to go with having Tate in the crib.  It seems like the best choice because of the added protection.  Who knows though, maybe Tate will prefer to be away from us and on his own (no thanks little man!) and this will be a moot point.

27 Weeks

I am officially in my third trimester…  Or in the last week of the second according to some charts.  But by most charts, third trimester!!  The reality of having another little person in our house is becoming more and more real.  In all reality, he could be here anytime in the next 10-12 weeks and that is absolutely crazy.  Especially if I think back to November and how excited I was when I reached the second trimester and that was soooo long ago.  It definitely helps when you have a toddler to run after all the time.

I am having a lot more of the “I’m so pregnant” moments lately and it is teetering between embarrassing (I cried this morning reading an article about the last few weeks of Freddie Mercury’s life) and comical (I couldn’t find Arlie last night because she was following me and I could see her beneath my belly girth).  I seriously feel like my brain is mush and I am having a harder time reaching things (including the dreaded time where you can’t shave or wipe yourself without a struggle).  I remember wondering how I could possibly get any bigger when I was pregnant with Arlie and then all of a sudden I exploded with growth.  I am right on the cusp of that again and I am actually kind of concerned with the impending boom of growth.  I broke down and bought a few larger size shirts and hopefully those will last me until the end.

How far along? 27 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: I am almost at 30 lbs.  I am gaining faster than I did with Arlie and that is a little scary.  I know it will go away, but this sucks a little (or a lot).  This also means that I am dangerously close to being over 200 pounds again.  Ugh.
Maternity clothes? Yes.  I had to buy more shirts because I am worried about some of them not being big enough for the next two and a half months.
Stretch marks? Nope, none yet.
Sleep:  I’ve actually slept pretty well the last two nights but I am preparing myself for getting less and less over the next few weeks.
Best moment this week: I started seeing the alien movement on the outside.  I loved this stage with Arlie.  It was so cool and so weird to see her rolling around in there and it is just as cool with Tate.
Miss Anything? I miss being able to move and maneuver the way I used to.  I am doing pretty well otherwise.
Movement: Yes.  He seems to move a lot more than Arlie did.  I could be wrong about this but he just seems more active.
Food cravings: I am really into fruit smoothies right now.  And mashed potatoes.  And asparagus.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.
Have you started to show yet? Yes
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks almost everyday.  They are not painful at all, but a little uncomfortable.  They don’t have any sort of pattern at all so that is reassuring.  I think I had a few with Arlie but nowhere close to this many.  Or I just didn’t realize that was what was happening.
Symptoms: Stuffy nose, braxton hicks, shortness of breath, eye floaters.  I am swelling some evenings but it hasn’t gotten too bad yet.
Belly Button in or out? Halfsie.  Crater lake/wizard island.  I may have to do a comparison photo for my next update…
Wedding rings on or off? On.  Occasionally it is a little snug, but it is still on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: For the most part I am pretty happy.  I feel moody today and I am not really sure where that is coming from.  I guess I’ll have to figure out a way to get out of this funk so I can go back to being happy…
Looking forward to: Not really looking forward to this, but I have the GD test next week.  But I am also getting my hair cut and perhaps colored (haven’t decided on this yet.  If I do end up doing color, it will only be lowlights or maybe highlights.) next week too and that is pretty exciting.  I feel like I need a bit if a change because I am struggling with how my face looks right now and I think a brand new haircut will be nice.


Arlie- 14 Months

Arlie is 14 months!  I am way more on top of this than I was last month.  Good for me! 🙂

Well, she is officially into everything.  She loves destruction and that is her favorite pastime right now.  She is pretty crazy most of the time, which is both exhausting and pretty fun.

Eating:  She eats almost anything we give her, but if she doesn’t like it after the initial bite, she will raspberry at us or she will toss whatever we are trying to get her to eat over the edge of her chair to the dog.  She’s sneaky about it because if you tell her twice not to do it anymore, on the third one, she will quickly shove it in her mouth.  She discovered really good pizza last week and that was pretty fun.  We have an amazing pizza place in town and we rarely get it because it is expensive but we got our tax return last week so pizza it was!  Arlie loved it and actually ate about twice what she normally does for dinner.  She is also pretty obsessed with string cheese right now.  She will actually walk you over to the fridge and point at the bottom drawer when she wants one.  Its pretty awesome.

Activity: She is crazy active.  She is starting to try running a bit and it is making me crazy because she is not careful at all.  She loves climbing stuff and I taught her how to go back down the stairs safely and that has been a huge relief to me and M.  She wiggles on her stomach down them and loves the freedom of going up and down the stairs without help from one of us.  I got her a new pair of shoes about a month ago and she loves them.  Almost every evening when M gets home from work she grabs her shoes and a jacket or sweatshirt and makes him walk with her outside.  Its really cute and funny.

Sleeping:  She is finally sleeping like a champ.  I honestly just realized that she is pretty much sleeping through the night now.  It was so sudden that she stopped having any wake-ups that when it happened, I totally missed it.  She prefers to sleep on her stomach, which is adorable, but it also means that she is filling the front of a diaper every night and we have had quite a few leaks.  I just bought new aio Happy Flutes for heavy wetters that you can adjust the inserts to fit whatever problem areas you are dealing with so I am hoping that this will help the situation.  Most nights she and M look exactly the same while they are sleeping.  I am baffled by how similar they are in almost everything they do.  She is definitely his child.

Talking/Etc:  She is still babbling in jibberish to us almost non stop.  She loves making a “this” sound and does that frequently.  She can understand almost everything we are saying to her now and if we give her instructions to do something she pretty much follows through.  She still points and grunts or screams at us if she wants something so we are at least getting that kind of communication, but actual words aren’t really there yet.  She does still say mama, dada, doga, and Bapa but shes not quite there on others.  I’m not worried at all but I would like for her to be able to let us know what she needs a little better.  I keep saying that we should be thankful for now because when she does start talking it is going to be so loud in our house.

Overall she is still just blowing my mind all the time.  She has started being very lovey at times and that is really nice.  She uses kisses to get her way and to apologize if she’s been naughty or has accidentally hurt one of us or the dog.  She’s super smart and picks up stuff really quickly.  I am just amazed when I look at her and I can’t believe that she is ours and that she is so big now.  I love being her mom.

26 Weeks

I feel better and worse this week.  I am not so emotional, but I had a bit of a rough weekend with a lot of pressure and pain low in my belly, which freaked me out pretty badly.  I have had this on and off throughout this pregnancy and I had it with Arlie, but it is still so scary.  I had to stay in bed most of the day which would normally be awesome but Arlie needs me and M just isn’t that awesome at taking care of her for an entire day.  Eventually M just brought Arlie to bed with me and we all watched a few episodes of Transparent (not so much Arlie, she wrestled with the dog and made messes and acted crazy like usual).  I was able to get out of bed last night and make us dinner, but I was back in bad about an hour later.  The anxiety is at an all time high right now.  I have an appointment today so I will talk to the midwife about my fears right now and see what her take is.

On a more positive note, we will have the additional crib mattress by Tuesday, which means that we can sidecar the crib this week.  This means that I can get the new dresser into Arlie’s room and put all of Tate’s clothes away, which is awesome because the clutter in that room is absolutely driving me crazy.  I keep the door closed most of the time right now because if I walk past it and see what it looks like I lose my mind.

How far along? 26 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: I will find out today.  I weighed myself at home this weekend and it wasn’t pretty….
Maternity clothes?  Yes.  I actually had to purchase two more short sleeve shirts because it is too hot to wear long sleeves anymore.
Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep: On and off bad.  I sleep ok but my hips hurt after a little bit and I start to get queasy if I lay on my back.  I have three extra pillows that are kind of helping, but not a lot.
Best moment this week: Not exactly baby related but we got our tax refund this past week and it has alleviated some of the stress I had before.  Plus it meant that I could purchase a few things for Arlie and Tate without feeling guilty.
Miss Anything? I am missing beer right now.  Not the whole beer, just that first couple of glorious sips.  MMMMMM.
Movement: Yes, he is pretty active.  I can tell that he is still flipping back and forth every day.  Hopefully he gets into the correct position in the next couple of weeks and stays that way
Food cravings: Cereal, ice cream.  Crunchy things.  Asparagus, potatoes, watermelon, oranges.  There’s a lot of things right now that I want to eat.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Spinach.  I made the mistake of thinking that I could eat it again and that was definitely the wrong decision.
Have you started to show yet? Yes.  The bump is changing shape and I think that is because he is no longer sitting transverse.
Gender: BOY 
Labor Signs: Ok, so I am definitely getting Braxton Hicks now.  I think I was denying it before because I didn’t describe the feeling very well.  I thought it was just Tate balling up and pushing out way low, but it is definitely not that.  I confirmed it my googling of course. 🙂
Symptoms: Stuffy nose, swelling, shortness of breath, BH, soooo tired. 
Belly Button in or out? Almost all the way out.  It looks ridiculous.  But I can keep it clean. 🙂
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy most of the time.  I am exhausted and physically and mentally spent so that affects my happiness.  I am just going to have to suck it up!
Looking forward to: Appointment in an hour here and then being able to organize Tate’s and Arlie’s room!  Love nesting!

100 Days

Thats it you guys, 100 days left.  100 days!  It’s kind of blowing my mind that we are that close.  And of course there is that little voice in my head that is saying… 100 days is sooooo many.

I remember with Arlie the 100 day mark was so exciting.  I was so glad to be in double digits.  Pregnancy is a series of monotonous days that turn into weeks and then all of a sudden you are at 100 days and it hits you that in three months there is going to be a little baby here.  For me, the 100 days seems like forever to wait and that is because I am probably the most impatient person on the planet.

We streamlined our needs this weekend and we are down to just a few basic things that we need to get.  It turns out that our existing crib will work as a sidecar crib for the bed, I just need to purchase an additional mattress, which took our costs from $150.00 to about $40.00, so thats pretty awesome.  I am still deciding if I want to get a double stroller.  I’m not convinced that we need it, but if I don’t get one, I need to get a different baby carrier for the first few months of Tate’s life.  The ergo is just too bulky and hot.  I need something cooler and lighter, so I am thinking the baby k’tan (feel free to let me know if this is a bad choice if any of you have used this before).  I don’t hate the ergo but it is giant and it is going to be summer when I have him in it and even in January last year, I was sweating like a pig with Arlie in the ergo.  I am also signed up for three 5 k’s in the fall and I need to train for them, so I am thinking the k’tan may be a better option for the amount of walking I will be doing.

My mother in law went crazy and bought a ton of clothes for Tate and a few for Arlie so we are set for clothing for both of them until the end of the year, which is so awesome.  I know that probably in Septemberish, I will need to pick up a few things for Arlie (pants and a jacket) but otherwise, we are set.  Plus, I just found the most awesome re-sale place in my town and they have SOOOO many cute and cheap clothes that I can get for Arlie.

So here I am with 100 days left and I am trying to savor every day.  I am fairly certain that this is the last time I will experience pregnancy unless we have an oops, so I am consciously trying to remember that.  And like I’ve said before, I know that the time will certainly start to speed up after my appointment on Monday and my GD test, so I am going to attempt to relax and enjoy these last few weeks of calm.  But seriously, can’t I do that with even if it is going a little faster?  🙂

25 Weeks

15 weeks left….  This is not moving fast enough right now.  I am feeling overwhelmingly emotional and sad for no real reason.  I find myself wanting to cry over nothing and stressing out over things I have no control over.  It was a rough weekend.  I think I just need a break in general from everything but I just don’t really have the time for a break.  I wish I did.

I am having a bit of anxiety regarding the pregnancy right now and I think that it will get a little bit better once I get to 28 weeks.  We’ll see though.  I thought I wanted to slow things down for a bit until my next appointment but I suck at waiting, so that was a joke I guess.  I want to shake the grumpiness/excessive emotional business but I just can’t right now.  Debbie downer here.   Wah wah.  I’m fairly certain that this feeling is mostly due to me being ready to meet this little guy and the thought of another 3 months is really hard to bear.  I know it is going to go quicker than I think but I just want to fast forward and skip over the rest of this.  Plus, I keep having dreams about labor and it is getting me all psyched up for it.  Gahhh, somebody press FF please!

How far along? 25 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: Probably around 20 lbs.  Whatever.  I know a lot of it will come off in the first three or four months after he is born.  No need to freak out yet.
Maternity clothes? Yes please.  I am actually going to order a few more t-shirts because I am too hot already to wear the long sleeve items I have.
Stretch marks? Nope.  Still hoping this one will stay this way.
Sleep: I have literally been falling asleep at 8:30 is every night and not getting up until 6ish, so it is going ok.  I am kind of uncomfortable because I can’t get into a comfy position.  I am using three extra pillows and that seems to help.  Plus, I figured out that if I just sleep sans shorts or pj pants, I sleep a lot better.  I also told M that he will need to have the air conditioner installed pretty much now.
Best moment this week: Knowing later this week I will be at less than 100 days.
Miss Anything? Not really.  Sanity.
Movement? Yes.  He definitely has a pattern he is following.
Food cravings: Sweets.  I also love love love cereal.  Love it.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I am getting queasy randomly again.  I remember this happening last time too so I was kind of expecting it.
Have you started to show yet? Yes.  It is definitely there!
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: None.
Symptoms: Exhausted.  Stuffy gross nose.  Swelling.  Movement.
Belly Button in or out? In and out.
Wedding Rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Sadly, very moody.  I want to go back to happy.
Looking forward to: Just one more week for my appointment.  I always look forward to these.  Except for the weighing me part.  That is going to be gross.

Arlie- 13 months

I am sooo late on this one.  Arlie will be 14 months in a little over a week.  Oops….

Anyway, little miss is growing at a crazy rate.  It is honestly kind of alarming how much she changes on a day to day basis.  She is fully walking now, and fast.  She got one new pair of shoes with real soles because she wants to walk outside so badly.  She actually word down the soft sole shoes I had gotten her a couple of months ago from all the outdoor walking.  She is also attempting to run at this point and she makes the most hilarious half giggle/ half grunt when she is trying to run.

She is also climbing everything now.  She has a small train that she can sit on and M or I can push her around on.  She loves this train.  She probably spends about an hour or two every day on that train just hanging out and making noise.  On more than one occasion, I have found her standing on the tiny seat of the train and balancing.  It is terrifying because she is going to be hurt pretty badly if she falls.  She is a total daredevil.  I taught her over the last two weeks how to go down the stairs backwards and on her belly because she loves to go up, but I was freaking out about her trying to get back down the stairs.  She has pretty much mastered the down skill now.  She is basically getting into everything and being wild most of the time.

She has been eating really well.  She has some favorites such as yogurt (always a hit), string cheese, steak, turkey hot dogs, chicken sausage, quesadillas, peas, fruit, and cereal and milk.  She has decided that avocado is not at all something she will ever eat.  She is also not a big fan of vegetables but she will eat peas and asparagus.  She is not necessarily picky because she will at least try almost anything I give to her, but there are definitely foods she prefers over others.  She loves to eat ice too, which is so funny to watch.  She has two little containers that she packs around the house that have dry cereal in them and she usually ends up sitting right next to the dog and slowly feeds her instead of eating herself.

She has 10 teeth right now but she has 6 that are coming in right now and she seems to be in a bit of discomfort with this.  I can never really tell if something is bugging her until she is sleepy and then there is some fussiness that goes beyond her normal sleepy related levels.  She can now point to her nose, ears, mouth, and bellybutton if we ask her to.  She is also obsessed with my and M’s bellybuttons too.  I’ve pretty much stopped dressing her in onesies because she gets really frustrated if she can’t lift her shirt up to show her belly.  She is also saying bye while waving, which is so stinking cute.  Other words right now are limited to dog, mama, dada, and baba (bottle/food in general).  She does say Bapa for my dad pretty often too.  She is constantly babbling so I think that she is getting pretty close to just talking at us.  And man, once she does it is going to be very loud in our house.

My favorite thing from Arlie right now is giant open mouth sloppy kisses.  I also love her singsongy babbling that she does by herself.  She is really her own person now and that is so fun to be around.  She is serious at times and silly at times.  There is usually an hour of crazy activity after dinner every night where she runs around and makes a ton of noise.  She has also started doing this hilarious affection thing where she frantically scratches you with both hands while giggling.  Its her hello I love you sign for now.  Its hilarious.

I will attempt to do better with my updates on her.  Its hard with the new baby coming and all the other stuff we are doing right now.


Can I please bitch for a minute?  I rarely talk about my work life on here because quite frankly, it is really boring.  I work at a university and my job pays pretty well (I would always appreciate more…who wouldn’t?) and I have really good benefits.  I have been working here for over ten years in various departments.  And the one consistent thing I have found in each place I have worked, including any jobs I have had outside the university, is that there are a lot of unqualified and downright awful people in every place I have been.  It is so disheartening at times because I really do WANT to enjoy where I work and the people I work with, but these individuals make it so freaking hard.

In my current position I work with an older man who is of the mindset that females are not as smart or as capable as men and he constantly undermines me and treats me like crap.  He is the very definition of a bully and I dislike him a lot.  I brought my concerns to my supervisor over a year ago and nothing has changed.  The idea here is that we should “wait it out until he retires”.  Which could be never.

As a person who firmly believes in following the rules and being a morally good person (not lying, cheating, being an asshole just to be an asshole, etc) these situation are especially frustrating.  I just want to stand up for myself.  I want to tell these people that they are awful.  But in the long run it will do me no good, so I stew instead.

I can tell you this…  If I ever own a business large enough that I need employees, I am going to treat them so freaking well.  I am going to remember what it is like to work for and/or with a asshole and I am going to make sure that that is not me.

Grrrr.  Rant over for now….