7 Months

Little miss Arlie is 7 months old.  Technically she is 7 months, one week and 2 days, but whos counting… 🙂

She has really changes a lot in the last month.  She is a very happy baby.  Always hamming it up and being silly.  She loves all her toys.  She loves Mason soooo much. She would spend all day with him if he would allow it.  He is less excited about the situation, but is so tolerable of her and that is really sweet.  Arlie spends most of her day playing with her toys or laying on her back getting her feet and babbling.

She can fully sit up completely on her own now and I feel like I don’t have to constantly watch her to make sure she won’t fall over.  She is doing this crazy lean forward on her feet thing that scares the crap out of me, but she is getting really good at balancing in that position.  She is pretty close to crawling.  Right now she gets pretty frustrated and there are a lot of moments where she gives up and puts her head down in the carpet and wails, but she is determined.  Mason is the perfect motivation for her crawling.  If crawling means getting to him faster, than she is all about trying.  She has been pulling herself up into a standing position in the last few days as well. 

She has been on solid food for a little over a month now.  She likes food but isn’t super into it yet.  I just don’t think that she really cares.  She has a few favorite foods: Pears, sweet potatoes, apples and avocado.  She literally HATES carrots and pumpkin.  We have tried yogurt and she likes it ok, but isn’t really that excited about it.  I’ll probably start introducing meats next week and we will see how that goes.  She is pretty fun to feed because her faces are hilarious.  

She has said mama a couple of times.  I’m not convinced that she knows what she is saying, but she only really says it when she is upset and wants me so maybe she has a better grasp than I think.  She loves to babble at us and screech.  She gets sooo excited when one of us comes home.  She loves M’s hair and beard.  She has started playing a hilarious game where she pulls her blankie over her head and we have to ask where baby is, then she rips the blankie down a giggles like a crazy person.  There are a lot of giggling fits when she does or sees something that strikes her fancy.

Overall, the last month has been pretty good.  She’s growing well, she’s happy and her personality is really starting to take shape.  I am sincerely concerned about what kind of a terror she is going to be in the future, but I am also kind jazzed about that too.  What can I say, I rather have a spitfire than a boring baby.  I may regret these words….  


Oh the Fall!!!

Lets face it people, the summer is getting old and will be leaving us soon to make way for the most glorious season of all….   The FALL!!!  

I am a fall freak.  I literally almost cry when I go outside for the first morning in late September or early October and there is mist on the grass and the air is cold and crisp.  I get all emotional when I see the first leaves start to change and the rain start to fall.  It is just the best.  I am a true Oregonian in that I love the rain and the wet weather in the fall.  I get sick of it by about February, but man for those first few months when it is cold and wet and kind of dreary, I am so stinking happy.  There is something about the smells and the atmosphere in the fall that is so inviting and comforting to me.  I love being able to bundle myself up in a pair of really comfortable PJ pants and a hooded sweatshirt on a Saturday morning.  

And the food!  Oh the food!  Fall food is by far and away the best.  I mean seriously, pumpkin everything, savory crockpot meals, and the practice rounds of Thanksgiving.  I mean, a girl has to make sure that he Thanksgiving meal is perfect and to do so I must PRACTICE!  I am a baker and I love all the breads and loaves and warm cakes that I can put together in the fall.  Last year, I was pretty pregnant and not as motivated to cook or bake so my house was a little sad.  I’m sure M missed all the goodies I normally make.  But this year, you better believe I will be drinking a pumpkin spice latte the minute I can get my grubby hands on one.

The thing that is even more entertaining about the fall this year is that I get to take Arlie out and have her experience all the things I love about the fall with me.  I just can’t wait to get a photo of her in a pile of leaves, or in a pea coat and a beanie.  Oh man, the cuteness will not stop!  Well, I guess this is enough of a fall rant for now, but you better believe there will be plenty more of these!  Move over summer, fall’s on it way in!!!  Woot!!!!


I’ve been terribly lazy with writing these last few weeks.  I am so incredibly tired right now.  My nights consist of getting up every hour and 15 minutes to feed miss Arlie and I have to tell you, it is taking a toll on me physically as well as mentally.  My body hurts and is pretty pissed off at me in general.  Woe is me…

I’ve been thinking a lot about what we are going to do next in our lives.  We have so many things that are kind of up in the air over the next two years or so and although we are stable right now, our lives could be changing at any moment.

We plan on trying for a second baby in January.  This is a loose plan, with no real idea of how we want to do this.  My cycle is back (yuck, I was hoping to be one of those ladies who’s cycle stays away for a year, but no such luck) and I have a pretty good idea of when I am ovulating, so for now I plan to track it as much as possible and go from there.  I don’t feel a lot of pressure to get pregnant and it doesn’t feel so desperate as it did before.  I know we want to have two or three kids, so the timing seems right, especially as I am no spring chicken anymore.  My only real concern at this point is making sure that Arlie never feels like she isn’t getting what she needs from us.  That parts scares the shit out of me.  I am so in tune with her and we are so in love with her that I am really scared to disrupt the balance we have going right now.  Its harder for me I think because I never really got the attention I needed when I was a kid and I don’t really know how to make sure Arlie is getting what she needs in that regard.

My job is stable for now, probably for at least another year or so.  But truth be told, I really want to be a stay at home mom or a work at home mom.  This would require M to get a different job and there is a HUGE opportunity opening up in the every near future that would change our lives quite a bit.  I am hoping that this will work out and that we can try to mess with my schedule to at least allow me to be a part time worker, rather than a full time worker.  I think we could swing it financially, but it wouldn’t be easy.  I thought this feeling of wanting to be at home with Arlie would start to fade a little as time went by but it has instead become more intense.  Hopefully we can find something to strike a better balance.

The house we are living in is only partially ours.  We are in a lease to own situation and it is working for us, but we will likely have to make a final decision on buying the house by the end of next year.  That is a ways off, but we are trying to plan for what would happen if we ultimately make the decision to back out of the agreement and allow the other owner to sell the house in a traditional manner.  Its a lot to think about (or worry about in my case) and I am hoping that something changes dramatically in the next year so we can make a clearer decision. 

I hate it when life seems unfamiliar.  We are just getting into a good groove with Arlie (minus the sleeping) and I don’t really want to disrupt that right now, but I see these things looming in the future and it is intimidating and kind of scary.  As is life I guess….